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(Not just a photo or poster but a work of art)

This reproduction is a great looking piece of vintage Navy art created by an artist to help portray life in the Navy during World War II.  This particular print was painted by Robert Benney in 1943 and was donated by Abbott Laboratories shortly after the war to the Navy Art Collection.

Canvas size is 8x10 ready for framing. You can add your own additional matte or leave it just as it is with the printed matte.  These prints are made to order.

This would make a nice gift and a great addition to any military Navy collection or memory.  Order several different prints for a fantastic look on a home or office wall.

The watermark "Sample Print" will NOT be on your print.

This photo is printed on Archival-Safe Acid-Free canvas using a high resolution printer and should last many years. It is also sprayed with a clear matt finish for extra protection. 

Because of its unique natural woven texture canvas offers a special and distinctive look that can only be captured on canvas.  The canvas print does not need glass thereby enhancing the appearance of your print, eliminating glare and reducing your overall cost.

We guarantee you will not be disappointed with this item or your money back.  In addition, we will replace the canvas print unconditionally for FREE if you damage your print. You would only be charged for shipping and handling. Any questions please send us an email.